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Three lessons for $99

•1/2 hr private $65
• 45 minute Semi-Private
(2 riders for $65)
• 1 hr group $65
• Package of 10
group lessons $600


We have an amazing English (Hunter/Jumper) lesson program that focuses not just on riding but also horsemanship and the connection between horse and rider. We teach every level from beginner to advanced (also the rusty!) and teach both children and adults. Private and group classes are available. Our schedule is very flexible and we have classes in the evenings and on weekends.

All students begin with a 1/2 hr private evaluation lesson. Riders remain in private lessons until they are able to walk and trot comfortably on their own, then they are eligible for a group. Lessons are tailored to individual rider needs and goals. With our emphasis on safety, groups do not exceed six people (beginner groups are smaller).

Teaching for the last 20+yrs has enabled us to develop a large, well- rounded group of school horses and ponies. They have all been carefully selected to offer students a variety of learning experiences.

Other programs we offer:
• Full and half leases
• Horsemanship classes where students learn all about horses and horse care
• Grooming and groundwork clinics
• Summer camps
• Game days
• Working student possibilities

Age: 7 | Color: bay
The youngest of the mws family! You can find minion piloting the smaller kids around during pony adventures and summer camp. Though he loves to jump with the "bigger" kids! Enjoys his evenings with his best friend, Ian!
Age: 9 | Color: buck skin
This very handsome buck skinned pony can do it all! From summer camps to horse shows, chulo is a best friend and favorite pony to many! His favorite thing to do is take baths, and make a mess while eating bran mash.
Age: 10
Color: dapple grey
Laddee is a very cute dapple grey pony. Very sweet and loves to cuddle! He is ridden by our more advanced riders that jump and go to shows because he is a very well trained and is more seasoned then others. We are very lucky to have him!
Age: 15
Color: chestnut
Breed: Arabian
We don't like to choose "favorites" at mws, but velvet will always hold a special place in our hearts. This one of a kind mare is capable of teaching lessons without the instruction of a teacher! Very sweet and gentle, she treats evey child like they're her own.
Age: 20 | Color: grey
Tommy has been there and done that! In his younger years, he was a ribbon Winning machine! He spent many show seasons with one of our young riders, and taught her great things! Once she became too big to ride this pony, he went to a new home to teach other kids to ride and show. Now, he is back with us living the rest of his life in our riding program! We are very lucky to have him back!
Age: 19 | Color: chestnut
Breed: Arabian
The newest member to the mws family is this awesome pony! He has not yet participated is summer camps, but we know he'll do great! We brought mayfield home after competing in a show, all the way in Oregon! He was such a good boy and SO cute, we just had to bring him home.
Age: 16 | Color: chestnut
Breed: Quarter Horse
Apollo is one of the many horses we have for our lesson program. This sweet guy wouldn't hurt a fly and has never put a foot wrong. He is gentle enough to have our smallest riders sit on him, but is big enough for the adults as well! We wouldn't be able to run our programs without him!
Age: 13 | Color: bay
Breed: Thoroughbred
This unique guy, can literally do anything. He is trained to do both disciplines, English AND western. Though we only ride him in English saddles, his owner often rides him western! Falcon is very smart, kind hearted and brave. Which makes him an excellent lesson horse!
Age: 22 | Color: liver chestnut
Breed: Thoroughbred
This gentle giant, is our biggest lesson horse standing 17hh! Though he is big, he moves slower than our smallest ponies! Ian has taught a countless number of people how to walk, trot, canter and jump. Because of his age, Ian does not jump anymore, but still does a great job at doing what he does best!
Age: 17 | Color: grey Although we don't use sport for summer camps, he has became a great lease horse at mws! He's perfect for kids just learning how to jump and show. He's quiet enough for new combers, but still has a little bit of spunk to get over the bigger fences!

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